Ergonomic Back Supports

Ergonomic Back Supports

Over 80% of the population will suffer from a bad back at some time in their life. For those who spend much of our working lives working with a computer a bad back can develop from the way we sit at the computer.

Spending hours sitting at a computer in the same position with only the arms moving isn’t what the human body was designed for.  A good ergonomic chair will go some way in encouraging your body to move and provide support in the appropriate areas.

Humans don’t come in standard sizes so a good office chair will be adjustable to allowing the user to be as comfortable as possible. The range of adjustments should include a height adjustable backrest, a sliding seat, height and width adjustable arms and a height adjustable seat.

When working with a screen the natural urge is to lean forwards into the desk, doing so however will lead to the back forming an unnatural concave shape and if this is repeated can cause aches and pains in the lower back.  Having a chair whose backrest will support you as you lean forward and back will help in keep it straighter and less prone to arching.
Pay attention to your legs when sitting to ensure there is not too much pressure at the knees. Office chairs with a ‘waterfall’ front reduce the pressure on the back of your thighs and help maintain a healthy blood flow.

If you have had back problems or especially if you suffer back pain it might be worth considering an office chair with a built in massager.  They can give you a relaxing massage while you work and relive the tense muscles which may be giving you some aches and pains.  At the very least choose a chair with lumbar support or even better with a pump up or adjustable lumbar support.

Deciding on an office chair with or without arms is very much a down to the individual and how they are going to be working. When  buying chairs, most come with the option of arms, if they are removable  it may be worth buying them with arms, this will give the user a choice, if they do not need them they can easily be removed.

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