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Who will be the perfect front of house for your business?

Your receptionist is the face of your company. He or she is the first person your visitors and clients will meet, and their ability to build rapport and trust with these people is crucial. Good receptionists are very much in demand, and great candidates don’t stay on the market for long. So, what should you be looking for when you are interviewing so you can make sure you snap up the perfect person, before someone else does?

Excellent communication skills

Of course, great communication is all part and parcel of being a receptionist, so look for someone with the ability to listen as well as talk, and who can connect with people in an easy, friendly manner. There is a chance they will need to deal with complaints as well as queries, so make sure they have a great customer service background too.

Outstanding organisation

Receptionists often need to be able to deal with several things at once. From organising the CEO’s diary to running the reception desk, processing paperwork and answering phone calls. It goes without saying that amazing organisational skills are key, as is the ability to work under their own steam and use their initiative where necessary.

Cool under pressure

With so much going on, as well as the potential for having to deal with grumpy customers, receptionists need to be able to stay cool, calm and collected even in the most pressured of situations. Getting flustered or stressed will not suit this job at all, so look for someone with experience of multitasking and working in high pressure environments.

Smart and presentable

A receptionist is the face of your company, so having scruffy people behind reception desks is never going to work out. Make sure your receptionist is able to present themselves professionally, aiming for exceptional grooming every day.

Relevant technical knowledge

Your receptionist will need to be able to handle all sorts of administrative tasks, as well as your own in-house database. While you may need to offer some training on anything unique to your company, they should already be completely confident with basic programmes like Excel and Word. If they will be running your social accounts, they should be adept at this too.

Making your receptionists job easier

Once you’ve found your perfect receptionist, it’s down to you to make sure they can do their job efficiently. From supplying suitable reception desks to ensuring they have all the tools and resources they need, getting the most from your new receptionist is going to be a team effort. Check out our range of ergonomic reception desks and other products to see what you can do to help your receptionist work better.

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