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Do you really understand what an ergonomic desk is?

If you’ve ever browsed office furniture or read articles on office health, you may have seen the term ‘ergonomic’ crop up from time to time. Put simply, ergonomic relates to something which ensures comfort and efficiency in the workplace and is often used in relation to furniture designed to make working more comfortable for employees. Understanding what an ergonomic desk is, as well as how it can benefit your workplace, can ensure happier, healthier employees.

Why go ergonomic?

Ergonomic office furniture is important for desk-based workers. With many studies showing that office workers are “too sedentary”, it’s important that workers are comfortable and supported during the time they are at their desks. Ergonomic chairs and desks are designed to make working conditions better for employees, boosting their productivity and reducing the number of sick days caused by back, neck and shoulder problems.

About ergonomic desks

An ergonomic desk is designed to be able to help employees to sit comfortably, without having to strain or reach for their computers, phones, etc. This can help alleviate back pain and other problems caused by ill-fitting desks, and help employees be more focused in their work.  Ergonomic desks can come in a range of designs, like those in our next day Distinct office desks collection, which are sleek and stylish as well as having ergonomic features to benefit workers.

Features of an ergonomic desk

An ergonomic desk is typically adjustable, allowing users to adjust the height of the desk in order to suit their own height and comfort. Workers who are shorter can add footstools and other tools to make their desk more ergonomic as an economic way to make changes.

The right height for an ergonomic desk should enable workers to use their mouse and keyboard at a comfortable distance, without stretching out to reach them, with hands able to move freely without discomfort.

Matte finishes are great for reducing glare, whilst desks with more space for a chair to fit underneath offer great flexibility than those with a left leaning or right leaning chair space.

Ergonomic desks from NEXT DAY Distinct Office Desks

When people think about ergonomic or adjustable desks, they rarely think of style, but our selection of next day Distinct office desks have all of the right features and details in order to make an attractive and functional desk. With a range of styles and different colours suitable for various office types, they ae a great solution for businesses looking to offer their employees healthier working conditions.

Assessing your employees’ needs is important to ensure they stay healthy in the workplace and keep their focus on their work, rather than their aches and pains caused by sedentary lifestyles. An investment in quality office furniture like next day Distinct office desks will not only benefit your employees, but your business too. Employ more comfortable working and offer your employees comfort and flexibility with the help of an ergonomic office desk.

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