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What is the first impression that your reception is giving visitors about your business?

Have you ever walked into a company’s reception area and felt decidedly underwhelmed?  Unfortunately, for many businesses, that initial emotion is often carried through into the rest of the business dealings, which can all too often lead to a negative outcome.

The old saying of ‘first impressions count’ really is true, but how can you expect to create a positive corporate image if your reception is languishing with peeling paint, tired furniture and dreary décor. In this situation, what your reception is really saying about you is ‘we don’t care’, and that’s not a good thing at all.

So, what do you want it to say about you?

What is your company all about? Are you young and funky, bang on trend, solid and dependable or elegant and timeless? Whatever adjectives you’d use to describe your brand, these should be reflected in your choice of décor, furnishing and ambiance in the reception area. Let’s think about different aspects of your reception design, and how you can make it work better for you:

  • The décor: You can pick and choose your colours for the walls and floor to suit your brand. However, don’t be tempted to go all out on the colours from your logo; there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! If you’re not inspired by colours in your logo, think about what other colours say about your business, for example:
    • Red: We’re intense, emotional, passionate, aggressive
    • Blue: We’re faithful, understanding, confident, trustworthy
    • Yellow: We’re energetic, fresh, joyful
    • Green: We’re calm, peaceful, hopeful, relaxed
    • Purple: We’re glamorous, powerful, romantic
    • Orange: We’re creative, enthusiastic, determined
    • Pink: We’re warm, nurturing, sweet
    • Black: We’re serious, bold, luxurious
    • Brown: We’re reliable, dependable and supportive

Choosing colours for your reception area doesn’t have to involve an entire wall. Sometimes just a few accents here and there are enough to create interest and ambiance in the room.

  • The furniture: There are several things to think about when choosing furniture, and your priorities may be more or less towards one or the other, depending on your focus for your brand. Think about:
    • Colours: As above, different coloured furniture can project different images
    • Materials: Leather and wood say luxury, but PVC and metals say contemporary
    • Design: Comfortable pieces show you care about the customer, whereas funky designs will show your youth and creativity
    • Space: Sometimes it’s not just about the furniture you put into your reception, it’s about what you don’t. Minimalist receptions are modern and luxurious, whereas a more crowded reception can feel homely and more welcoming


  • The extras: Aside of the basics, there are numerous things you can consider including to say even more about your business when people enter the reception. For instance:
    • A press folder: We’re recognised
    • Portfolios of work: We’re experts
    • Coffee dispenser: We’re generous
    • Coat stands: We care
    • Living plants: We’re environmentally conscious
    • Displays of awards: We’re successful

What you put in your reception area is very much down to your personal taste and preference, but it pays to think each thing through before just deciding it’s a good idea.

A great reception should be furnished thoughtfully, with funky, functional furniture such as that you’ll find in our Pledge Reception Furniture range. It should create a positive, exciting and memorable experience for everyone who walks in the door, so think carefully about what you want your reception to say about you.

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