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Planning the day ahead and setting yourself realistic daily goals are the first steps towards combating work stress.

Setting small achievable goals, such as, giving yourself time on your own at your office desk to deal with a set number of emails or sitting in your office chair undisturbed making catch up telephone calls can have a great effect  because you feel like you are making some good progress. With each small goal it starts to roll forward to help you to achieve a greater goal.

Always be true to yourself, you are not perfect, but don’t be harsh with yourself either.

A good tip is to allocate realistic deadlines for your tasks.
Keeping a stress diary in your office desk draw and keep a log of each days stressful moments, go over it each day, analyse it and look at better ways to accomplish stressful tasks.
Make sure you are completely comfortable in your environment and all your office furniture is set out in such a way that you have a good work station.  Make sure you don’t give yourself u
Unnecessary physical strain from having an uncomfortable office chair or a computer desk not angled in the correct manner for comfort.
Use your filing cabinet well so you know where all your physical documents are and you don’t have to spend hours looking for them.  File your emails properly so it easy to pick up something quickly when you need it.

Forward plan as much as possible to alleviate unprepared stress.  Make sure you put aside some quiet time to plan your next day quietly at your office desk uninterrupted.
Don’t take your work stress home with you.

Try co-operation and not conflict it’s the key to handling stress.

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  • Tilt

    Tilting is a feature of various office furniture.  The ability to tilt makes it easier for e.g. storage bins to be accessed.  Some office chairs will be able to tilt also ad may accompany a reclining foot rest.  Chalkboards and white boards will also offer the ability to tilt for ease of use.

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