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If the time has come to smarten up your office but the budget is a bit tight then it is well worth looking for discount furniture and promotional offers. In particular, online office furniture suppliers often run promotional offers. You can use these promotions to your benefit by only buying the promoted offers. This may mean that you buy chairs one month, desks the next month and bookcases the third month. You may not have planned to furnish your office in this way but it will at least help your budget.

You’ll be surprised at the number of promotional offers there are at the moment. The credit crunch has meant that a lot of people are doing everything they can to conserve their cash and only buy what is absolutely necessary. At the same time wholesalers and retailers need to sell the goods that they have if they are to keep their businesses afloat. In recent weeks the big name department stores have recognised this and have held 20% and 25% off days and online retailers and suppliers are no different. Everyone is in business to make money; office furniture suppliers are no different to department stores in that respect, so watch out for any discounts or special offers.

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  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment

    On an operator’s chair, pneumatic height adjustment allows users to adjust the seat height to suit their proportions.  This is an ergonomic design feature.

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