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Could something as simple as newspaper racks really make workers more motivated?

It’s no secret that a happy workforce is a motivated one, and that improvements to employee morale can translate directly to greater output, better efficiency and increased productivity. It’s cleat that, if you want to be a competitive business, keeping your staff happy is crucial to your bottom line, but when money is super tight, how can you still do this?

Boosting the morale of your workforce doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are some ideas for giving your workforce’s spirit a much-needed lift without spending a fortune.

·      Get rid of unnecessary meetings

Research shows that around 70 per cent of workers don’t feel they have enough time to get all their work done, and that taking up their time with unnecessary meetings is akin to wasting the precious time they have. Ditch all unnecessary meetings and leave just one or two focussed get togethers in the schedule to give them more time to do what they need to get done.

·      Allow more flexibility

Does everyone on your team really need to be in the office from 9am to 5pm? Could you let some workers start at 10 and work until 6? Or perhaps come in early so they can leave a bit sooner too? What about letting people work from home occasionally? Embracing a more flexible attitude to work will help improve morale and you should see an increase in productivity too.

·      Use in house talent to help employees develop

You don’t have to employ expensive trainers or pay for external courses to help your staff develop. Take a look at the skill sets you have in house and get some of your talented workers to run training sessions for others, so that everyone can learn and grow.

·      Focus on in house promotions where possible

Nothing is more demoralising than to have your line manager leave and to be usurped from a position you felt sure was yours by an external recruit. Where you can, promote hardworking employees when vacancies become available, as this is guaranteed to improve morale as others will see where they can go if they dedicate themselves to their jobs.

·      Recognise efforts

When people really go the extra mile, make sure you recognise their efforts. Whether its just a mention at the staff meeting (which is often enough) or you decide to spend a few pennies on an incentive award is up to you but be sure to thank someone when they’ve worked really hard so that they are encouraged to continue to do so.

·      Invest in a few perks

Sometimes the most inexpensive, basic perks are enough to make workers feel more valued. Buying big brand coffee, placing newspaper racks in the staff room or ensuring the biscuit tin is always topped up can often make all the difference to the way people feel.

Whether you’ve got cash to splash or are on a super tight budget, there’s no reason to let your employees feel down. From new furniture to newspaper racks, the smallest changes to culture, environment or process can often be enough to re-energise and motivate your people.

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