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The current economic market has taken many victims already and it has hit the office furniture market just as hard as many other retail consumer markets. It is anticipated that by the end of the year the price of office desks that have been imported to the UK will be so high that UK office furniture manufacturers will be able to finally compete. Office furniture in the UK already beats imports for style, quality, variety, product life, after sales service and is generally more eco friendly, especially given the transport cost of the imported pieces.

As the pound weakens further, the UK’s imported products will start to become far more expensive and now countries like China are starting to cater for substantial wage increases, as their workers become more aware of what they want and what they are worth.

There are some positives for the UK moving forward and in the mid to long term future we will be left in a more positive position and be able to compete successfully both on the global market and at home.

The original advantages for finding cheap labour at the expense of the pound have started to reduce and the playing field is being flattened out for British companies to compete again and this is certainly the case for office furniture manufacturers.

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  • Spine Lift

    This chair mechanism allows for the office chair to be raised or lowered by simply spinning the chair seat;  clockwise turning lowers the seat and vice versa.

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