Typists’ office chairs

June 3rd, 2017

Just as any other piece of office furniture, typists’ office chairs are best for the user when they are ergonomic.  The typists’ office chair must be very secure at the base (it is best to look for a chair with wheels for sturdiness).   A typists’ office chair does not necessarily need to have arms to support the user – some people prefer an office chair without arms when they are doing excessive work on the keyboard. The typists’ office chair must have a good back support with adjustable height and adjustable angles.  If you are working on a typist office chair that does not have arms you must ensure you protect your arms and wrists from strain by using wrist and keyboard support for your wrists.

Upper lumbar support on your office chair will help protect your back from extremities that cause aches and pains.

Should your office chair have armrests then it will benefit your shoulders and reduce strain to have a place to lay your arms.  The armrest needs to be adjustable so the user can easily place their arms over their keyboards.  A position where the arms are rested either side of the body is best to support your wrists.

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