The internet
A revolution to the way we work and communicate with people from the ease of our office chairs gaining access to Google and Wikipedia, with e-news at the touch of a button

The fastest way to communicate without picking up the phone on your office desk.  It is great for speaking to people in different time zones.  Email is far quicker and slicker than faxes and you don’t even have to get out of your office chair to do it.

Intranets and Internal Office Instant Messaging
Getting to the point with a quick one line message to your colleagues when you are in a rush and don’t want a long conversation or to leave your office desk. Connecting with colleagues is the easiest it has ever been.

Mobile phones
Mobiles keep shrinking but seem to include more features. Other accessories are now moulded around the mobile handset, from brief cases to office desks!

You will never miss a message again even if your pillow is doubling up as an office desk whilst you lie in bed, even if you have dozed off you will get your message and you won’t miss out.

Text messages
This is actually one of the most used functions on the mobile phone and is now increasingly used by larger businesses to communicate with their customers, especially mobile phone customers.

Digital calendars /address books
No more huge diaries and address books on office desks cluttering up desk space and the digital organiser is a lifesaver for the time pressed worker.

Syncing your PDA with your work computer means working mobile makes real time saving sense.

Understanding your customer is cheap and easy with a business blog.

With all these technological advancements, designed to make working life easier, why is it we still spend hours working late chained to the office desk?

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  • Panel Creep

    When planning workstation clusters for a space, panel creep is the dimension of a panel’s thickness multiplied by how many times it occurs over the length of the multiple user space.

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