Tough day at the office?

September 21st, 2017

Up to your eyes in paperwork?

Is your Boss on your back?

Cracked your knee on your office desk whilst rushing from the photocopier to the filing cabinet?

Photocopier spilled out paper all over the computer desk?

Did you find out that the girl you fancied is going out with one of your colleagues?

There are a few little things you can do to relieve stress in the office without it taking any time at all and you can do most of them sat in your office chair!

Doing these things will make your day easier on your mind because you are looking after your body and bloody pressure!

  1. Make sure you leave your office desk to take a trip to the water cooler when you start to feel tired, most of us don’t realise when we are dehydrated and drinking water when you are tired normally wakes you up.
  2. Move your eyes away from your computer monitor and step away from your office desk when you feel your eyes getting dry or stinging.  Actually without these symptoms you should make sure you take your eyes off your monitor and rest them every so often or you could end up getting headaches.
  3. Whilst you are sat in your office chair on the phone move your head around in a circle to release tension.
  4. Keep remembering to stand away from your office desk and stretching your back for a second.  Aches and pains come from sitting in the same position for long lengths of time.
  5. Whilst you are at your office desk on your computer move your ankles round in circles to keep your circulation going.

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