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What’s making you feel so tired at work?

Fatigue is the enemy of office productivity. A fatigued worker lacks motivation and makes more errors. They are also less likely to be innovative and contribute fewer ideas on improving your business and taking your service forward. The good news is that you can minimise fatigue by ordering next day Kudos Office Desks and setting up the workplace environment in the right way.

Five top tips for avoiding fatigue in the workplace

By adopting these simple steps you can easily avoid fatigue in the workplace and see productivity levels reach new heights. When you purchase next day Kudos Office Desks, think about how you position them.

  1. Don’t reach for the mouse. If your desk and chair are positioned correctly, you will not need to reach for the keyboard or the mouse. If you need to continually reach forward, you will create strain and tension in the shoulders and arms which can result in stiffness and pain.
  2. Slouching creates strain! When you sit at a desk in a slouched position, it places increased pressure on the elements of your spine such as the discs and vertebrae. Over time this can lead to wear and tear and result in pain. It is natural to want to slouch, but you can stop yourself from doing it by using a chair with a lumbar support.
  3. Check your position starting work. Take a few moments to check your position when you first sit at your desk. Are you close to your work station? If not, move your chair so you don’t have to lean or reach in any way. It is common to feel tension in the shoulders and neck when you are sat at a desk and this leads to fatigue. You can minimise this by placing the monitor directly in front of you so that you do not have to “crane” your head and neck.
  4. Think before you take that call. Talking on the phone at the same time as using a computer is a basic office skill. You need to access information on the PC to give to the caller. However, using a computer keyboard and mouse with a phone receiver jammed between our neck and ear is very bad for posture and drains energy. If this sounds like something you do every day, it may be time to invest in a head set.
  5. Eye strain can make you tired. Position desks so that your monitor is not in front of a window or other bright background. The bright light can lead to eye strain which will make you tired. Also, the monitor needs to be at least an arm’s length away from your eyes.

Using next day Kudos Office Desks to eliminate fatigue from your workspace

Invest in some suitable products from Office furniture Online to eliminate fatigue in your work place. Clever use of well-designed office furniture can ensure that you and your employees feel energised throughout the day and ready to tackle whatever work throws at you!

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