Top tips for team building

August 12th, 2018

Your business could become more successful through great team building.

It has long been recognised that the most successful businesses are run by a brilliant ‘team’. Yet, there are very few business leaders who truly understand how to create effective teams in the business environment. They may pay lip-service to team-working and may even organise team- building exercises. They do not, however, realise that the foundations of a great team are laid within the workplace and in making every single employee feel that they are part of something.

This can only be fully achieved by looking at the arrangement of the office furniture and investing in products such as next day Force Office Desks. Here are some ways in which you can foster a team spirit that will benefit your organisation.

Building an effective team for your organisation

There are a few principles that every effective team adhere to. Introduce these in your workplace and watch productivity and morale quickly improve. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does everyone know what is going on? A team can only function effectively if all members fully understand roles and responsibilities. Each employee needs to know what they personally need to do. However, this is not enough for effective team working. They also need to know what every other team member is doing too.
  • Does everyone know what the rules are? Whenever a group of people come together there must be clear rules of conduct. It is important to set out, right at the start, what is expected in terms f responsibility, conflict resolution and consensus decision making. People on the same team will have different opinions – this is the strength of team working. However, it can also be a weakness if there are no clear plans on how those differences of opinion will be resolved.
  • Does everyone communicate with each other? This will vary with the size of the team and the aims of the organisation. It could be a chat around an office cluster desk or it could be an international conference. What’s important is that it takes place effectively. It can help if there is an agreed method for giving feedback. Honesty is important and members must have a forum within which diverse opinions can be expressed and discussed.
  • Does everyone have a sense of ownership. A team will only be effective if every member feels responsible and accountable for what the team achieves and for its failures. This can be achieved through a system of rewards and recognition. Sharing gains and increased profitability with the whole team is an excellent motivator. Team members need to be able to see that their efforts have led to an organisation’s success and they need to be rewarded for that.

Using next day Force Office Desks to aid team building

You can improve team-work in your organisation by investing in next day Force Office Desks. You can choose products that are ideal for team and group desks from Office Furniture Online. Get the most out of your workforce by using the space that you have efficiently and encouraging engagement with multi-user desks. With a little bit of thought, your team can be the winning team in business.

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