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Make sure you’ve prepared and planned for a perfect presentation.

You’ve prepared your slides, practiced your words and you’re wearing your best suit. What could possibly go wrong? As far as your brain is concerned, everything, because the panic has already begun to set in.

Making a presentation, whether to a small group or a huge conference, is a nerve racking proposal. If you’re not used to doing it, it can be absolutely terrifying. But, as with anything in life, being completely prepared has a way of giving you confidence in your abilities and keeping those butterflies at bay.

Here are some top tips for making your display and presentation situations go just a little bit better, giving you that much needed confidence boost to get through it with flair.

1.      Connect with your audience

It’s not easy to relax when you’re nervous, but by showing your passion for the subject, you’ll connect more deeply and engage more effectively with your audience.

2.      Focus on their needs

Try to understand what it is your audience want to get out of the presentation and deliver it to them. Make it easy for your audience to understand and to respond to what you’re saying, so you can tailor the presentation to their needs.

3.      Smile

A surprisingly large number of presenters forget this basic tip, and instead go through their whole talk looking petrified. Smile, make eye contact and you’ll start to build rapport with your audience.

4.      Grab their attention

If your audience get a dull start, they’ll subconsciously presume that the whole presentation is going to be dull and switch off. Make them laugh, say something unusual or tell a story to kick things off, instead of droning on about who you are.

5.      Use body language as well as your voice

Next time you’re watching an awesome presenter, take note of how they move. Gestures and body language play a huge role in communication, so notice what you’re doing with your arms and hands, and whether it’s complementary to what you are saying.

6.      Have the right equipment

It’s OK to have PowerPoint; everybody does, but is that enough? Audiences will be much more engaged when they can help you create something, so consider having a flip chart or whiteboard to hand, to help make ad hoc notes and make your presentation more interactive.

7.      Remember your core message

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, promote your business, influence decision makers or otherwise, remember the reason that you’re standing in this room. Stick to your core message, focus on what you’re trying to achieve, and avoid being side-tracked by secondary discussions too much.

If you’re ready to go out and make that killer presentation, we’re right behind you. If your tall would benefit from any display and presentation materials, such as chalk boards, dry wipe boards or display easels, we’ve got everything you need. Check out our range of display and presentation equipment or contact us for a quote.

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