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Even in the smallest of spaces, you can make it work!

If you’re a freelancer working at home, chances are space is at a premium. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a separate room we can use as an office so spaces like living rooms and bedrooms often do double duty.

Consequently, we can’t have grand, sweeping desks that carry all of the equipment we (think) we need on a daily basis. What do you do if you’re struggling for room? Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to make the most of a tiny desk space.

Problems of a small workspace

Cramped desk spaces mean disorganisation. Often documents are heaped on top of one another with no sense of order. Things slide off down the back of the desk only to be found six months later, long past their usefulness.

Equipment becomes cramped too – desktop units are butted up against wall space or other units meaning there is no airflow. This reduces the life of your precious computing equipment. Cables too are untidy, which not only looks bad but can be a trip hazard, or mean that you can’t easily reposition equipment.

Productivity suffers too. Let’s say you remember something and know that you need to jot it down in the diary for the future. You hunt through piles of paperwork only to find it, but you’ve forgotten the important thing you needed to note down.

Get the most out of your working real estate

Luckily, even the smallest of workspaces can be put to better use. For a start, take all of your equipment, documentation and the like and separate it into two piles. One of these is for the crucial stuff, those things you use regularly every day. The rest should be organised and filed away somewhere close to you, so that you can access it when you need it but so that it won’t get in the way.

Lift as much as you can off the surface of the desk itself, perhaps by shelving the back wall. Make things easily accessible while still giving yourself enough room to work. Tidy away cables using cable management systems or, in a pinch, use zip ties to run them down the leg of your desk.

Try each of these tips and before you know it you’ll have made the most of your tiny desk and become more productive in the long run.

NEXT DAY Fluid Office Desks

Alternatively, why not treat yourself to an upgrade? Now that you’ve considered the optimum workspace, get yourself a new desk that works best with it, like the Next Day Fluid office desks.

Next Day Fluid office desks are keenly designed for smaller spaces. Minimalist and elegant, they come in fresh white with gloss accent colours and have ergonomically-designed add-ons, such as push to open drawers and doors. There are also bookshelves and cabinets that can be used to securely store important items that you might not use daily but you still need close to hand.

Take your pick from a comprehensive range that you can view here or, alternatively, talk to our sales advice team who will be happy to help you select the perfect combination of units.

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