Time Management

October 23rd, 2017

To do this you will need a little discipline but once you get the wheels in motion, it ’s amazing what a difference it can make to all areas of your life.

The most common answer is to get a diary and keep it to hand either on your office desk or in the top draw of your office desk. Always refer to it and always write down the forthcoming tasks for the day.

Recent studies shown people will have a minimum of 50 interruptions during the course of a working day. In fact, given a working day is normally eight hours, this can equate to almost half your working day being wasted because of distractions.  It would be better to encourage people not to interrupt you at your office desk but to email you and mark their email as urgent or not.

An area where most people  get into trouble is working out low and high priority tasks.
Concentrating on results is the answer to this, it is like giving a ship its destination.
Try and section of certain times in the day to hold staff meetings if you are a manager and ask your staff to save their questions for that time.  Deter people from physically interrupting you at your computer desk whilst you have high priority tasks to deal with.

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