Working from home has major benefits; no early mornings, no needing to get ready for a working day, no meetings, no boss, no office politics you get to drink coffee when you feel and eat when you want.  Sounds good?  It really is great but the disadvantages are; no giggling with your co-workers, you have to do the work to get paid, it can be lonely and it can be a problem when home and work life starts to merge into one.

But I can clearly say that the advantages of working from home far outweigh the disadvantages.  As long as you follow some simple rules for time management you will succeed very well in your new relaxed home office.

Don’t allow personal household documents to merge with your working documents on or in your office desk or in your filling cabinet.
Develop a timetable around home responsibilities and work responsibilities.

Stay at your office desk even when you know there are household chores to do especially if the allocated timetable states you should be working.

Do not take calls from friends and family, it will distract you, keep the phone line on your office desk separate to the house phone line.
Join a few forums and meet like-minded people working from home like you and every now and then treat yourself to a short conversation or share any of your frustrations or joys on-line.

There is only you to discipline you, you can’t sack yourself for lying in bed until after 9am when you should be bright eyed and bushy tailed sat in your office chair working away.  What you do need to use as motivation is the knowledge that if the work is not done you will unlikely be paid!

Create a to-do list and keep it in the top draw of your office desk updating it every day, do not keep your list in any other area of your home, this is your working to do list and not your house hold chores list too!

Do not sit hunched in your office chair all day, get up and walk around now and then, exercise and change your scenery it will keep you motivated and freshen your mind again.

At the end of your working day try and do something that distinguishes the difference as you are now in your social time e.g. go for a walk, walk the dog or completely switch off your computer, lock your office desk, close the door and switch off until the next day.

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