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When it comes to buying office furniture then it pays to have some idea of what you want at the outset. It is all too easy to start ordering desks and chairs without paying attention to the actual lay out, but the lay out of an office is almost as important as the furniture. Office space should be split up into the most efficient and effective distribution, so that staff can easily communicate but are not on top of each other all day.

Office furniture needs to be functional and appropriate to the task; boardroom tables may not be suitable in a general office where people really need their own workstations. You need to consider what size desks your staff will need, some employees may need a computer and little else whereas others may also need room to work on their desk and to place a telephone within easy reach.

When you are choosing office chairs these should be adjustable and supportive to provide maximum comfort and ease of working. Staff who are comfortable at work are far more likely to be productive than those who are not.

Storage is an important aspect of office furniture and you should have plenty of easily accessible shelving as well as a sufficient number of filing cabinets. Every staff member should know how the filing system is set up so that they can file and access shared documents quickly and easily. If you take time to consider these things then you should end up with a professional looking yet comfortable office space.

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  • Case Goods

    Case goods refers to free standing office furniture, such as bookcases, pedestals, or other storage units, but also includes room dividers, display boards and so on. Also known as ‘case furniture’, these can be assembled modular inter-locking units fitted together on site, with fasteners usually made from metal plates.  

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