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We explore some of the myths that you hear about people who work in home offices otherwise known as working from home.

1. Total Isolation

Working from home can be difficult to get used to. However, there are a few steps that you can take.

If you are looking at a telecommuting job from home, do make sure that you schedule regular meetings with your fellow workers and/or clients either seated in your home office around an office desk or get out of your house and make your meeting elsewhere.

Ensure the technology on your own computer is up to date. Should you have a video cam it will help you to feel a little less isolated as you can chat to people from your office chair from your home office.

Don’t forget if you do work from home you also have flexibility in taking your office on the road, you don’t need to sit rigidly in your office chair at home, go to a coffee shop or local library.

2. You Can’t Make Much Money

This is not true. Telecommuters make the same money as people who work in regular outside offices. Also if you do have your own business you also have the potential to earn more than people with regular 9-5 jobs as you won’t be rushing away from your office desk bang on 5pm.

Don’t forget to consider  tax write-offs. Usually, you can write off your home office space and office furniture and monthly bills in your home as long as they are attributed to your work.
Check with your accountant.

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