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When you have been sat in your office chair at work, have you ever suddenly felt a spasm in your lower back?

Do your muscles feel tender and do you ever feel numbness in your joins?

If you do, then you need to look at your sitting posture before you cause yourself long term damage.

Just by adjusting your slouched position in your office chair and sitting up straight will not alleviate the discomfort and actually may make the pain worse.

A new study has just been published that has found that office furniture designers should consider going back to the drawing board and designing a perfect office chair that will create the exact fit for a healthy seated position.

The study was carried out at Aberdeen’s Woodend Hospital and revealed that sitting in an upright position to keep the correct posture may not be the best position for the spine and now it is suggested that workers need to revert to a more relaxed position to alleviate pain.

MRI research, (magnetic resonance imaging) uncovered that if an office chair has over 125 degrees of angle from torso to thighs it is perfect  for the best posture position and can further help to prevent slipped discs.

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