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Working from home is a luxury, and it is unfortunate that you will need to be of a certain status within the company to be trusted to do this.

However, we are seeing more and more in the current climate that people who do not have high a status within an organisation are able to work from home.

A home office that is stuffed with flat pack office furniture that you have not had time to put up, and the stale smell of old gravy granules is not what you need to work efficiently at home.

Working from home is not for everyone.

Setting yourself up at home to hit deadlines and being able to motivate yourself is of the utmost importance.  In your own home it is far too easy to get distracted, another cup of tea, a quick TV program and before too long the urgent report hasn’t been finished, you haven’t had chance to pick up an urgent delivery for a deadline tomorrow, and its’ not all roses.

If you find you cannot motivate yourself, you cannot stick to a time plan and you are going crazy staring at the four walls where you live, even though you may not want to admit it, this could be time to go back to work.

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