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You are probably already aware of the necessary office furniture items which you need when you first set up a home office, but it is not the actual items that are the problem, it is the sheer number of varieties for each of your essential office furniture pieces, such as computer desks, office chairs and filing cabinets (and then there are the accessories). This would have anyone completely perplexed as to what to choose.

If you are setting up your home office in a small space then you should consider space saving office furniture items such as fold away desks and chairs and upward storage including wall mounted shelving.  It is possible to turn the smallest home office into a far more spacious area by carefully planning the office storage places.

Consider your comfort, whatever office items you choose and only purchase those items that are necessary to ensure you do not clutter your workspace.

Decoration is just as important in your workspace as the use of colour and will serve to influence your mood during the day. Lighter colours are always said to be the best to induce concentration in a work based situation. Lighter colours are always the best option if you have a small space to decorate too.

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  • Overhang

    Overhang refers to a a recessed ‘modesty panel’, where the work surface of a desk or table overhangs the modesty panel by varying depths, usually from 6”-11”.

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