The ergonomics of office chairs

February 24th, 2018
Office Furniture Online

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For some time now, ergonomics has been the buzz word in the world of office furniture.

The more ergonomic office desks and chairs used to be quite costly but have recently started coming down in price due to market demand and mass production.  It seems that everyone who is involved in the world of office furniture understands that ergonomics is not just a gimmick, it is actually a necessity for health and safety reasons.

Employers are beginning to understand that a happy worker is a productive worker and in purchasing their office furniture with their employees’ health and safety in mind, they will ensure fewer absent days in their workforce as staff are less likely to experience a work related injury.

When you are considering purchasing an office chair, whether it is for your home office or at the company you work for, the following are tips as to what to look for:

Five-leg office chairs with castors – you need good stability when reclining and moving around your desk.

Backrest – your back needs full support.

Arm rests – need to be wide and adjustable. Your arms need to have somewhere to rest or aches and pains will occur.

Wide seat – will give you complete support for your upper torso when seated.

Breathable material – if your office chair has breathable material this allows air to properly circulate around your body which is healthier and keeps your body temperature at a normal level.

Adjustable seat – you need to have your feet flat on the floor and parallel to your thighs to stop you getting lower back ache.

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