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If you are buying yourself a filing cabinet, then you are halfway towards getting organised – and if you need to get organised what you don’t need is the wrong filing cabinet at home or in your office.  Think before you buy, whether you are buying it as a piece of office furniture or for your home – the two are as important as each other.

If you need a sturdy, reinforced type of filing cabinet that is going into a factory or an office then you are best off with the metal type.  The strongest types of cabinets are metal types that can actually withstand a full hour at 1700 fahrenheit. They will also withstand a 32 foot drop.

Wood is the best type of filing cabinet to purchase for your home as it is not as cold and clinical as steel, which is really only suited to being office furniture.

Before installing your new filing cabinet, make sure you measure the space so that you pick the right size. Don’t forget to take into account the space you will need when your filing cabinet draws are open.  You should be able to find something to fit as filing cabinets come in all shapes and sizes.

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  • Schematic Plan

    A schematic plan is drawn up in an office design and planning phase.  This initial plan shows the proposed layout and location of the primary components of a work space. It is a graphic depiction of any architectural elements, office furniture and their inter-relationship within the overall plan.  

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