Ten Steps to Working from Home

October 21st, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

Setting up a home office really does make good sense if you have the space.  If you are running a business from home it can save you a fortune on office rental and tax, however, even if you want a space to organise your personal finances, pay bills and keep your paperwork a home office is a great idea.

It’s simple and easy to plan, just follow the steps:

  1. Work out on a piece of paper your exact reasons for setting up an office and exactly what you need to use it for.  For business use check the tax advantages by speaking to an accountant.
  2. Look at a quiet room/area away from traffic noise and with access to network points and electrical sockets.
  3. Choose an office desk to fit comfortably in the space and one which will accommodate your office equipment; telephone, scanner, computer and fax with enough service space to fit a desk organiser.  Pick an office desk with drawers for paper and filing folders etc.
  4. Buy an office chair that will support your back, comfort is very important.  In fact before buying office furniture try out office chairs and office desks first so you have a clear idea of the style and suitability for your build and decor.
  5. Should you work with graphics or videoing get a computer with a large hard drive/memory with a large flat screen monitor.  In this instance, should you have the room, a computer desk is probably preferable.
  6. A high speed internet connection is best.  Find out what is available around your area.
  7. Make sure you have your own email account. Many internet providers now along with Google, Yahoo! and MSN will allow you to do this for free.
  8. When choosing a printer for your home office consider whether you will need a colour printer (colour ink jet printer), or if not (greyscale laser printer).
  9. For optional use you can buy a combined printer/copier/fax machine which could sit well if you have a two part computer desk.
  10. Consider installing a separate business phone line to keep calls separate from home calls.  Other options are services that work through the internet; Skype, VoIP, Optimum Voice.  Keep your phone within easy, quick access on your office desk.

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