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A leading global practitioner for sustainability recently shared their expertise on the office furniture industry with their green designs and business profitability, at a recent national office exhibition.

It was shown, that those office furniture manufacturers who actively lower their carbon footprint, could achieve savings and attain a strong advantage competitively, according to Allan Smith, Vice President of the European Marketing, Research and Development for the global organization Steelcase.

Mr Smith commented that Steelcase had managed to lower its greenhouse gas emissions on a global level by 41 percent since the year 2000 and sales in office furniture had increased dramatically. During the same period, the organization has managed to reduce its VOC emissions by 95 percent, reduced landfill waster by 50 percent and reduced their global energy consumption. The company also reduced Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions by 95 per cent, landfill waste by 50 per cent and further reduced their global energy consumption by a whopping 46 percent.

Smith said:

“UAE companies who focus on sustainable practices are responding to growing market opportunities both domestically and globally, creating enhanced product performance and greater competitiveness within their own market and internationally. Companies who stick to outdated design practice will become less competitive over time.”

Mr Smith, will share his knowledge on lifecycle thinking and green design principles to achieve savings at an ‘Office Talks’ seminar taking place in Dubai on 3rd – 5th March 2009 at The Office Exhibition.

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