Stop Putting Your Back Into It

September 17th, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

When it appears that somebody is not shifting their weight, it is quite common for a boss to say ‘put your back into it’. Getting on with the job is much easier if your back is given plenty of support, rather than straining it in an office chair that is not suited for the purpose in hand. Studies have shown that in offices where the seating is designed ergonomically, staff are more productive and there is a dramatic reduction in absences due to back strain.

If your thinking about buying new office furniture, then you may want to stretch your budget to buy some ergonomic office furniture better suited to the job. Good office chairs should support the users back and also provide arm rests to reduce the strain put upon the wrists induced by the repetitive movements of typing. They should also come with a height adjustment, to allow a variety of people can use the chair comfortable. You may well find that increasing your spending on new office chairs will be soon recuperated through improved productivity or your workforce.

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