Spinal pain statistics

February 25th, 2018

Back pain is the nation’s leading disability.

It is a fact that we weren’t designed to sit still. Despite our obvious design flaws, an average UK office worker will spend anywhere between 25 to 40 hours a week sat in office chairs staring at a computer screen. It is therefore, not too surprising that back pain is Britains’ leading disability.

According to the UK charity BackCare, back problems affect nearly two thirds of UK adults and are losing British industry over £6 billion a year through days off sick.

The first thing to consider is your chair at home and your office chair. Emma Tate, from BackCare says that by law there is a certain standard for which office chairs must conform.

“It must be stable, which means having a base with five legs in a star-shape; the seat should be adjustable in height and tilt, and it needs to allow freedom of movement”.

“People who sit down all day tend to experience low back strain from sitting hunched forwards,” explains Liz Ellis, president of the British Osteopathic Society. “This puts strain on the ligaments. You’re putting a lot of pressure on the front of the discs; they bulge backwards and trap the nerves, which leads to referred pain going down the back of the leg.”

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