Sitting Pretty

February 13th, 2018

If your staff members seem to have a lot of time off work with back problems and stress then you might want to think about changing some of your office furniture. Believe it or not, sitting in the wrong type of chair every day can cause back problems, lead to repetitive strain injury for computer workers and generally contribute to feelings of ill health and stress. In recent years research has shown that bright, cheerful offices with the right shape and size of furniture, not only reduces absences but improves productivity.

People spend a good part of their day at work and that day can be improved if they feel comfortable while they are working. Seating is particularly important and chairs should have adjustable backs and arms to provide the right kind of support. The height of a chair is also important and when a person is sitting at a desk using a computer then the top of their head should be level with the top of the computer screen. If your budget will stretch to foot rests and wrist pads then this will make a lot of difference to the physical comfort of your workforce. Balance the cost against how much money you are losing in terms of absence and low productivity, you may find that casting your bread on the waters has your business sitting pretty in no time.

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