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June 12th, 2017
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Employers are now expected to invest heavily in adjustable office chairs and well designed office desk or computer desk layouts in order to position computers at the right angle and distance to see the screen. However, schools are expecting younger people to spend time in front of computer workstations that would actually be illegal if operated by an employee.

These results are seen in the waiting rooms of chiropractors/physiotherapists. Nearly one in three chiropractic patients suffer from injuries that actually began in their childhood. Some recent research carried out by British Chiropractic Association showed that 29% of parents said their child complains of back pain and a further 38% said they were concerned about their child’s posture.

“We ought to be concerned about this,” says Professor Peter Buckle of Surrey University’s Robens Centre for Health Ergonomics. The centre is due to host a conference on the problem soon. Buckle points to the Danish study that shows that over half of 13yrs to 16year olds had reported bad back pain. A similar study in NW England found 24% of 11yrs to 14 year olds had complained of backache during the previous month.

“Most people have risk assessments at work and companies call in specialists to look at how to minimise back strain and introduce the correct office chairs and general office furniture to stop these issues,” says Buckle. “But few schools are taking this kind of advice.”

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