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December 30th, 2017
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Experts in ergonomics strongly suggest certain types of office furniture that are specific in helping with your posture, preventing strain related injuries and providing comfort.  These types of office furniture are known as ergonomic.

For instance, an ergonomic office chair should have a height adjustable seat which is padded.  A truly ergonomic office desk is one which can be moved around and adjusted for height; however, an office desk that has sufficient room all the way round and a good surface space is ideal. Experts also claim that a computer monitor should be a minimum of 45cm from your face and should be at eye level as you are seated at your desk.

Work strain injuries have started to rise along with the increased usage of laptop computers and it is fair to assume, experts comment, that the true nature of the injuries that haunt the new computer generation are yet to be seen.  The reason for this is that we know very little of the long term effects of poor posture in older age because the birth of this generation is not old enough! What we do know is that computer desks and office chairs that have been badly designed will give some of us disabling back pain.

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