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Choosing the best seating styles for your next conference or event

The name “banquet chairs” is something of a misnomer. For many people, it conjures up pictures of people seated around huge oblong or circular tables in large banqueting halls, tucking into a feast of culinary delights.

In reality, the term banquet chairs is the name given to any type of simple office style chair that has four legs and that is suitable for any number of different occasions, including seating audiences at displays, conferences and a host of other assemblies including of course banqueting.

Whilst the actual banquet chairs themselves are important, the first consideration is often the venue itself, and once this is determined, the next decision on the agenda, has to be which type of seating style will be best for the planned event.

 Various configurations for laying out banquet chairs

Choosing the best seating styles for your next conference or event is likely to be determined by the size of the audience or participants. In order to help you to decide the best format for laying out your banquet chairs, we will briefly review 10 of the most popular seating arrangements with help of a recent article in the website.

  • Theatre seating style: This is perhaps the most basic type of seating whereby the banquet chairs are laid out in straight rows.
  • Classroom seating style: This is similar to the above, with the addition of rows tables in front of the rows of banquet chairs. It is ideal for taking notes and/or eating and drinking.
  • Herringbone seating style: Like classroom style seating, except that the rows of banquet chairs are angled inwards towards each other, similar in pattern to a herringbone. This style can also incorporate tables if appropriate.
  • U-shaped seating style: As the name suggests the banquet chairs are laid out in the shape of an angular letter U. The rows of delegates all face inwards. Again, this style of arrangement can include tables if required.
  • Horse-shoe seating style: Similar to U-shaped except the banquet chairs are arranged in a curved formation. Because of the curve, this style is not suitable for incorporating tables.
  • Hollow square seating style: Like a U-shaped seating style but with no open end. All seated members face inwards making this arrangement ideal for discussions and debates.
  • Boardroom seating style: With this style, a large table, or a number of tables, are laid out with banquet chairs arranged down the two long edges.
  • Banquet seating style. With the banquet seating arrangement, the chairs are arranged around large round tables. This type of plan is ideal for galas and informal gatherings.
  • Cabaret seating style: Similar to the banquet seating style except that it includes an open end to each table. This is excellent for training sessions as it affords a useful focal point.
  • Cocktail arrangement. This is in fact no arrangement at all. It purely allows for standing room only. It is useful for packing in as many people as possible.

To get a better idea of the individual layouts of the above mentioned seating styles, please click on this link to the web-page.

Deploying your banquet chairs to maximum effect

Banquet chairs are available in many styles, materials and colours. By choosing one of the seating styles mentioned above, that best suits the conference or event you are planning, you can deploy the chairs (and if appropriate, tables) to maximum effect

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