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Could you cut the cost of sending mail from your business?

If you deal with a lot of paperwork in your business, you’ll already know just how quickly postage costs can start to mount up. Brochure requests, quotes, hard copy invoices… whatever your sending through the post, it makes sense to stay in control of the amount you are spending.

Modern technology can help to manage these expenses, such as paperless billing and online invoicing, but often there is no way of avoiding postage costs entirely. To help you manage these unavoidable costs, here are some top tips to help your business save money on postage.

Shop around for postal services

Most small businesses, by default, use Royal Mail, and presume that private couriers and other mail services are only really suited to larger companies with lots of post to send. However, that’s no longer true, and today’s postal market is a highly competitive place, with many services vying for your business, driving prices lower and offers more competitive.

Particularly when it comes to packages, numerous courier firms exist who can undercut Royal Mail for rapid parcel delivery. These are often tracked as standard and could save you between 10 – 40 per cent over the cost of sending packages with Royal Mail, depending on what it is you’re sending.

Plan your mailings

Some postal services will offer substantial discounts for mass mailing, as long as the mail has been organised so that the sorting machines can read them. Discounts usually start at 500 or more letters, so plan your activities to take advantage of the biggest discount you can secure.

Make sure you are sending your letters to real people and real addresses too. Scheduling time to manage your database can really pay off, as can printing a return address so that undelivered mail comes back to you and you can remove that entry from your list.

Reduce size and weight of items

Postal rates are usually based on both size and weight of the item you are sending, whether it’s a parcel or a letter. Reducing the weight and size of the item can save you a packet, so think about what you’re sending and whether it could be supplied in a smaller format.

A letter which is A5 in size and normal thickness will cost just 62p to send. However, for a letter which is A4 size, this increases to 93p. Folding A4 sheets and fitting them in a C5 envelope could therefore save you around a third on your postage charges.

Weight applies here too, with the 62p rate only accommodating up to 100g in weight. It also only goes for items of half a centimetre or less thick, so choosing a lightweight, thin type of paper can pay off too. You can check your weights using postal scales and use a slotted ruler to check the thickness of your post, both of which are available on our postal scales page.

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