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Is your office a comfortable and airy workplace which has been designed to ease the strains and stresses you encounter during your working day? Is the office furniture comfortable and plush? Does your nose warmly welcome the pleasant smell of freshly cut flowers when you enter your workplace?   Or are you stuffed under an office desk cramped between a printer and a filing cabinet with coffee rings on your desk and a creak every time you lean forward in your office chair?

If you find yourself having the misfortune of experiencing the worst scenario then you are certainly nowhere near alone in this. A recent survey conducted by Canon Business Solutions went on to find that 38% of office workers felt that their offices’ interior design prevented them from feeling comfortable and performing to their maximum abilities.

Rod Ward a design consultant for a well know office Interior organisation said; “It’s easy to underestimate the importance of an office environment. But because our workspace is the place where we spend more than half our waking day, it is crucial that it is practical and comfortable and that it works for us.”

Most companies will think twice about the costs involved in updating and improving their offices purely because they are really not convinced about their returns on investment.   The truth is it has been proven that the working environment does indeed have a direct effect on a worker’s productivity levels.

It can be difficult to plan the perfect workspace, one which would be suitable as a good functioning office that will be sufficient for a few years. The truth is the office space is probably something that should be looked at every 6 – 12 months.  The speed in technological advancements mean that there are ever shifting  economical and social trends which mean that the structure and size of companies are changing far faster in 2009 than ever before.

“So many offices grow in a haphazard way with a new desk added here and there as needed,” says Ward. “It is not always easy to judge if the overall furniture layout gives the best use of available space.”

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  • Overhang

    Overhang refers to a a recessed ‘modesty panel’, where the work surface of a desk or table overhangs the modesty panel by varying depths, usually from 6”-11”.

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