What is fast becoming known as the first bionic chair has now come out of Britain, unlike the man though it is not valued at a billion dollars. The chair is the brain child of American company Herman Miller.

The chair has been six years in development and its makers claim that not only will it decrease back problems and prevent aching necks, it will also increase productivity. The company claim that the chair is designed in such a way that the comfort it offers means that people can sit in one place for longer. The company base their claim of greater productivity on the fact that workers will no longer need to move away from their desk at intervals. It needs to be said however that continual exposure to a computer screen is still not advisable, and actually decreases productivity – but looking at the worker’s relationship with technology is the company’s next project.

The development of this office chair has been surrounded in secrecy. The chair is designed in such a way that it takes the weight away from areas that are usually affected by long periods of sitting and aims, not only to make workers more comfortable, but to make a contribution to improving their health.

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