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March 6th, 2018
Office Furniture Online

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Corporate life can be a fast paced world where young professionals often find themselves compelled to work many hours, spending much time in the office chair meeting job objectives to stay ahead. As a result, many men and women do not have the energy or time to socialize and meet new people. Mostly, the best option is to find romantic inclinations at work.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to an office romance:


Time efficiency, which is an important factor for most professionals, is a major advantage. You don’t have to spend many hours after work searching for the object of your desire. If you are lucky you can gaze at your new love interest over the top of your office desk or meet with them at the computer desk to exchange fun comments.  It makes a working day far more enjoyable and exciting.

Further advantages are that you don’t have to make a lot of effort to get to know what kind of person they are since you probably already know after spending time with them either during your lunch break or within your own office space, maybe they share an office desk right next to your own so you are able to twist your office chair to one side and catch their eye. Lucky!

The final advantage is practical; maybe you can car pool to and from work. You get to sleep together at night and then keep your petrol expenses low by driving together to work and sharing lunch at your office desks.


A little more on the negative side, dating someone from work means, particularly if your office desk is right next to theirs, you may spend a huge amount of time together, and that ’s not perhaps an ideal situation. In some situations it could be worse than being in a bad marriage.

If you are dating a subordinate, you may also be accused of favouritism if they get the best computer, office desk or chair or even a promotion or bonus, this actually starts to affect the morale of the whole office.

On the other hand, if they perform badly at work, the prospect of having to fire your other half can be daunting.

If the roles are reversed and you are dating your boss and he ensures you have the best of everything from office furniture through to bonuses you could be accused of favoritism as a result of your advancement.

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