Office Retirement Party

January 27th, 2018
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

A retirement party is a great excuse to turn the office furniture into entertaining furniture and changing the office for a party of people by decorating it with banners and streamers to brighten it up.

It’s a lovely idea to celebrate the transition of a colleague into retirement. Many offices will buzz with the excitement of organising a party for a colleague who may have given decades of their working age showing their loyal to the same place of work.

Think about several factors before you get started, are you having the retirement party in the office premises or at a restaurant?  There are certain things to consider beyond the venue such as theme, food and drinks, décor and setting up the room with either office furniture or more leisurely furniture depending upon the venue.

A popular item on the agenda at a retirement party is a slide show which shows the development of the about-to-be retired employee during his or her years of service at the company. This can be really special and fun and made better with old photographs depicting the retiring colleague at different events or in various situations.

If this is done in the office there will be plenty of staff involved so move away office furniture to clear a place to seat a large circle of office chairs so everyone gets to see the exciting event

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