Office Irrationality

September 27th, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

You may notice there are many things we do in the office that we wouldn’t do at home.  We are not talking about filing and going to meetings, but about people’s psychology.

There is some kind of irrationality attached to people when they feel they are under pressure.  As a generalisation here are a few common office events and happenings:

1)    Nobody owning up to breakages when clearly at least some of the people asked were involved and the person asking them knows they were involved.
2)    The Managing Director is sometimes a hated figure and doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on in the business from the office furniture order to how his departments are running.
3)    There is a huge divide between the favourite team’s office furniture and the furniture in any other department in the business.
4)    IT people exist but are never seen because they like to hide at their office desks all day with their keyboards.
5)    There is almost always an office affair going on, everybody knows it and they are staring at each other lovingly over their office desks in a really obvious way.
6)    There is an awful amount of office politics going on between the office desks.  You will always have these, some places have so much politics you can’t catch your breath.
7)    Every technical bod hunched over the office desk hates at least one person in the office.
8)    Whenever your boss asks an employee if they are OK, they look up from your office desk in horror, and will probably say they are fine regardless of how they feel.

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