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Due to the recent successes of more female entrepreneurs in business, offices and office furniture is getting a makeover.

Many office furniture manufacturers are targeting ladies when it comes to expanding their furniture designs and there are many office furniture items that are being seen which have a feminine flair.

Astrid Oyo, who is the manager at IKEA in North America says;

“Office furniture has long been designed to cater for man and his manly duties. To a man, a desk is a desk, end of story. In feminine eyes however, office furniture are valuable investments that define the progressive path their company is taking.”

Recent information gathered by the Centre for Women’s Business Research has found that there are more women who are now in control of organisations and how they are presented.  Statistics have shown that by 2007 there were double the number of women who were heading up and running their own businesses.

There are many offices that have been upgraded to reflect a more feminine design in the workplace and one of the most popular looks for business women to choose is a highly modern and clean office environment.

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