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It is nature that dictates a woman may be more inclined to have an opinion on the way a certain space, whether it is home or office looks. Men will naturally and automatically seek functionality from their office furniture while women look for style and personalization. For women, it is said it’s not just a matter of buying an office chair, but they may also view it as a piece that will complement and change the look of the entire room.

Women will be more likely to look for office furniture, such as office desks and chairs, which are scaled to suit the smaller frame of a woman, as well as storage facilities for personal items.

Management Consultant Jennifer Selby Long was noted as saying of office furniture: “Everything is too masculine, edgy, too modern, and heavy on the metal.”
Jennifer is amongst the many women who are now demanding customized office furniture to suit the needs of women at work.

As research continues, the women entrepreneur market is followed by a number of office furniture manufacturers, particularly catering for industries where women are the main employees – from office environments to hair and beauty salons.

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