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Expert office furniture business analysts are now saying that evolvement of office furniture in the work space is about to change again in the near future.  Many now say that office cubicles which are used as workspaces will soon be a thing of the past. Analysts have been monitoring the rate of growth in sales for office furniture items that save space and it would appear that everything points to the disappearance of office cubicles.

Most businesses will try to keep their own expenses as low as possible, particularly at the moment and many business owners are contemplating renting office space rather than buying it at the moment.  Office furniture experts now say that due to businesses wanting to pay less rent and save office space then the space saving office furniture market is thriving.

Now that businesses are saving space they are becoming very savvy and clever in the way that they utilise the space that they have in the office.  Some businesses will follow basic feng shui with the positioning of office desks etc. This is another factor; analysts say that will mean that we will start to see less demand and fewer offices that have the traditional office cubicles.

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