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What is an RMD?

Many office and computer related jobs these days involve a certain amount of repetitive movement for workers performing their daily tasks, if a person is not properly supported during their work then a number of musculoskeletal conditions which can eventually lead to RMD will occur. RMD is caused by overexertion, muscle pressure and regular friction from awkward motions such as twisting the wrist.

Who is at risk?

Anyone performing repetitive tasks is prone to RMDs. Some professions already proven to induce the risk of RMDs include: Sewing, musicians, assembly line work, carpentry, gardening, tennis, lifting children, computer work.

Office furniture retailers have started to sit up and listen in more recent years and office furniture is now more often ergonomically designed to reduce cases of RMD which is a very serious issue to a person’s health. There are now office desks that can be adjusted to enhance the relaxed position of arms, shoulders and wrists. Many office chairs will now come with back and arm rests. So when choosing your office furniture it is worth making an investment in furniture that will last a long time and will enhance the performance of your staff at the office.

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