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Within the last one hundred years office furniture has changed styles dramatically.

Office desks in Victorian times were mainly made of pine and were solid, they were stained to give a mahogany or oak finish. Harder wood materials were indeed very expensive, however, the Victorians took great pride in their office furnishings and first impressions were very important to them.  This office furniture was heavy and cumbersome but elaborate and was set off by rich oriental rugs and heavy material tassel curtains.

With huge emphasis on heavy, large book cases and wooden filing cabinets. The typical office desk was knee hole and often designed with detailed marquetry employed by master craftsmen.

Huge time pieces were displayed; grandfather clocks ticking away the seconds in the office and working days increased during this era with a wider use of electricity which meant that office desks could display desk lamps for illumination so workers could continue through the darker hours of the day.

Office chairs too were elaborately furnished in rich tapestries with hard wooden oak frames and were more likely to have oak arms and heavy to pick up.

Even today, there is still a market for this old style Victorian office furniture as collectors consider this style of office furniture as highly desirable. So if you have any old style Victorian office desks or chairs in your store room it may be worth considering them as saleable items

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