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Tax write-offs are available for office furniture and can make purchasing of office items much more affordable so the consideration of ergonomic office furniture designs has become more affordable.  It is a well known fact that carpal tunnel syndrome is a very real problem with employees in the work place.  This syndrome caused by poor posture is on the increase and many expensive brand names do provide office furniture designs particularly office chairs that fix this increasing issue.

On the other hand, it should be considered that tax write-offs are only available once a year and there are still limitations with this as far as office furniture is concerned.   Not only this, discounted office furniture is becoming increasingly more competitive and it is actually possible to now find furniture designs that cater for an employees’ comfort more easily.

One intelligent strategy to adopt is to wait the year out and shop last minute for your office furniture items just before the tax year has finished to see a return on your money sooner rather than later.

Speak to your accountant for the best way to go about your office furniture purchases and before you do go ahead and buy an office chair or an office desk, remember it is safety first and design later that is the priority of importance

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  • Skins

    These are easily removable elements of a systems furniture panel, allowing for different surface design choices from e.g. marker-board to upholstered tack board on partitions, for instance.

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