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February 28th, 2018
At Office Furniture Online we have a wide range of Planners for you to choose from

At Office Furniture Online we have a wide range of Planners for you to choose from

When buying office furniture think of the impact it will have on clients visiting your offices and you will realise the importance of choosing the right office furniture and its role in creating a good first impression on your visitors.

When planning a new office, start by making a list of requirements, such as desk space, equipment and power needs. Also consider the social aspects of your employees. Getting the right balance between form and function is important. As most people spend at least eight hours a day in the office choosing furniture that is not only aesthetically appealing but also comfortable to use.

It is worth spending time planning the layout of your office to make the best use of space for the number of employees and the type of work they will be undertaking and the equipment used. Time spent planning and finding the appropriate furniture can make the office appear more spacious.

The importance of the office chair is often overlooked; a comfortable ergonomic office chair is one of the best investments you can make.  It provides comfort to your employees and helps them concentrate on the work with the added bonus of improving productivity.

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Random Glossary term

  • Power Whip

    Power whip is industry lingo for a power source that connects the building’s electricity to the systems furniture or cubicle, so will be referred to when planning workstation or conference room furnishing.

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