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Grab yourself some fun time whilst you don’t have anyone watching over you in the office, if this means it’s a chance for all colleagues to join in then you have yourself an Office Furniture Olympics opportunity!

Office Chair Netball

This is good as you don’t need to move much office furniture and you can sit on your office chair whilst doing it – even better, everyone can join in, although you need some space.

Make sure your office desks are in a circle around the centre spot which should be a metal bin (this is your goal and that’s for both teams).

Office desks need to be equally spaced apart and the circle needs to start larger on the inside and come in around the bin.  There needs to be four office desks around the bin/the goal.  Increasing outward in two’s so on the back row you get to ten office desks.  There needs to be an alternative seating pattern through the circle of office chairs of opposite team members and the object of the game is to get the tennis ball sized elastic band ball that somebody made randomly over 2 years, and try and throw it to your team members until it finally gets to a team member on the front row who is the scorer and needs to get it into the bin.

Every time there is an attempt on the goal bin, the elastic band ball needs to start from kick off again. Kick-off is the two team captains tossing a coin over an office desk to decide who gets possession.

The Office Furniture Olympics safety list:

•    Don’t target the elastic band ball at the head’s of co-workers you dislike.
•    Only under arm throwing is allowed and the Office Chair net ball contestant must sit out until the next match if they throw over arm or any other way other than under. (This safety measure is here for your protection as smashed office filing cabinets and bashed office desks are a sure sign to the boss that you’ve been up to no good!)
•    Independent judge only.
•    All Office Chair Netball spectators are able to join in already!

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