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With the Olympics upon us we are soon to get an influx of televised sporting events.  It’s also a great time to get your colleague involved in a gentle game of office furniture Olympics.

Let’s face it, company endorsed sports days are very lame.  So this is how you go about having  office furniture Olympics. In keeping with the spirit of the Olympic Games, you’ll have to show some creative flare.

It is good to honour the ceremony with a torch, office furniture Olympics or not, this opening ceremony needs a torch.  Use the plain battery powered type. For real authenticity, arrange for colleagues to be protesters and line up along the office desk zone between marketing and creative departments.  Get colleagues to form a ring of steel around the sacred torch.

Office Marathon You could race to your sister branch round the corner.

Office Javelin Take a long run up and hurl the pencil across the office desks to see how far you get it. You get an automatic gold medal for the pencil landing in the bin.

100m Office chair hurdles Lay a trail of swivel office chairs along your main corridor for hurdling. No pushing them away as you jump.

Office Weightlifting Get your colleagues to form a straight line in order of weight and then go down the line starting from the lightest and try lifting each of your colleagues over your head.

Office hammer Spin computer mouse around head and then unleash it across an office desk.

Office Volleyball Screw your appraisal into a tight ball and lob it over at your colleague sitting on the office chair opposite.

Office Off-road run -Nail 10 laps of the canteen, fastest time wins.

You have to have a decent dope scandal and spotting fresh cups of tea and coffee on a co-workers desk is surely the sign of over caffeine use!!!!

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