University and college can be a very exciting time in a young person’s life. However, are you going to find yourself sharing with other people you barely know? Will you want to create your own space for studying and your personal belongings so you are relaxed and motivated?

Actually, this is not too difficult as long as you ‘set out your stall from the beginning’ and make sure you are set up in your own space meaning that you can do everything you need in relative harmony with your living buddies.

Sit down with your room mates and talk to them about what you want from your space, finding out what they want from theirs and come to an agreement.

Choose a theme or design that you are both happy with.

Try not to double up on furniture unless you really have to, you are sharing now and shared space can work.  Do you really need 2 office desks for studying? Some home office desks are big enough to fit both of you working at the same time with plenty of leg room to easily fit 2 chairs. Why not look at a folding office chair alternative to make better use of your space too?  If you haven’t already got your desk then why don’t the two of you purchase a large home office desk for studying together?  I find it very motivating to know that the people around me are studying at the same time as myself.

Shop for your furniture together; choose the styles and colours you both like, you are already bonding with your room mate too

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