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As you are more than aware office furniture comes in many sizes, colours and shapes. Although designed for one purpose, it should be considered properly to motivate your workers.

Call centre offices are notorious for seating people in small spaces and in tiny booths heralding minimal space with a small office desk or small computer desk that gives no space for office incidentals. The pc screen is the main focus for the worker with no other focal point.

Section united office furniture is like fitting an employee into a conveyer belt of a non motivational rabbit hutch.  The biggest recommendation when it comes to office furniture in close nit proximity is to use curved office desks to avoid collisions with the sharp corners of furniture.

Office chairs are chosen depending upon what workers need to do, a higher adjustable chair with a hard back to support the employee is preferable for long term use on a keyboard.

During the interview process, having an office chair that is actually lower than the interviewers’ office chair will intimidate your candidate.  If you want to give the feeling that you are in power and set the precedence for the future with your candidate then many employers employ this trick.

Office chairs are bolted to the floor in unemployment offices to prevent them from being used as missiles!!!
Should you wish to keep your customer in a meeting with you for a long time then comfortable office chairs are the key, foamed and soft material should be used with a high back that your customer can sit into and relax in.

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Random Glossary term

  • Anti-Rebound

    Anti-rebound furniture features ensure that in particular a drawer or cabinet door will stay closed and not spontaneously open once more when it is closed with normal force.  This is an important safety feature for office furniture.

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