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July 31st, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

It is safe to say that office furniture would mainly consist of office desks, chairs, computer desks, filing cabinets and cubicles.
Office desks are often referred to as armoire desks which are office desks built within a larger cabinet which can be closed in order for them to look tidy and to keep dust at bay.

Home offices are better for the armoire style office desks because they suit the smaller spaces. Government related offices usually prefer the pedestal office desks within cubicle office set ups as they give a sense of privacy.

Armoire office desks are also sometimes called computer desks because they are often used to actually house a computer and many possess special drawers for the keyboards.

Some of these armoire or computer desks have also got fixed surfaces so they cannot be moved unless dismantled. The type of armoire office  desks, which are said to be directly descended  from the 18th century ‘roll top’ office desks (present in many government offices at the time), are the armoire office desks that have a closing door to hide work but give a tidy ‘tuck away’ cabinet that can double up as a home furniture piece.

Other types of armoire office desks have a hinged movable surface which has to be completely clear of all items on the surface before the doors close. This type of armoire office desk is not as convenient but it is usually lighter and much easier to relocate because they are also made of lighter materials such as plastic.

Some modern armoire office desks have slant tops suitable for people in the design industry. The older version of this type had locks.

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  • Nogging

    A nogging is a short horizontal wooden component between vertical studs in office partitions.  This makes up the wooden framework for partition overlay materials.

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